Santa Watch!

Remember little Dottie? She arrived at the shelter when her owner could no longer care for her. She was quite a mess…moppy hair and terrible teeth. But she never let those things bother her all that much, she was a happy girl regardless of her apparent. Despite the fact that Dottie was an older(ish) dog, she still had quite a lot of spunky energy and loved her toys. She wasn’t the biggest fan of being left alone and knew that I had to find her someone special that would give her all the attention she deserved. After spending a few weeks in foster here, I was able to find a really amazing match for her with a wonderful woman who had experience with dogs like Dottie and had devoted her time to taking care of her own companions.

Since then, I have received quite a few updates about Dottie (who now goes by Riley) and I’m finally getting around to posting them. Below is Riley’s most recent update. Her mom Michele let me know that she’s very excited for the holidays and has been on Santa watch for quite some time…


Riley isn’t really a fan of cold weather so her mom made sure to get her all sorts of warm outfits to help ward off the chill and rain while going outdoors…

In the fall Riley’s mom Michele was sweet enough to send me a 6 month update. I could explain everything myself, but I’ll let her do the talking…

Hi Deb,

Since this is officially Riley’s (aka Dottie) sixth month anniversary with me I just wanted to drop you a note & let you know she is doing FANTASTIC and has really settled into her life as an official Jersey Girl.

How is she spending her time?  Talk about a busy bee!!  Well, she loves twirling/dancing, eating (she has a great appetite), running (especially chasing Popcorn and trying to steal his toys from him…which he lets her do and then they are off running again as he tries to get the toys back..but she’s always in the lead and off like a flash), she enjoys nibbling (her stuffed toys), walking around the neighborhood (where she greets everyone she meets with her own special little “dance), sniffing and running around the backyard, visiting her friends (she’s become quite a social butterfly with all of my friends who she now considers “hers”
: – )  She also loves laying on my lap and watching TV — or curling up next to me while I read.  She definitely likes to be with me — even if that means laying on the bathmat outside the shower door while I shower.  LOL.

Health wise she’s doing great too.  She just went for her sixth month vet wellness exam and she passed with flying colors.

Riley truly has the most amazing spirit and such a gentle & loving heart.  I cannot imagine my life without her.  Thank you for entrusting her with me and for the most wonderful six months (and many more to come) ever.

I’ll send new photos when I can.

Until then.  Thanks again!!



Over the summer Riley has been busy meeting new people (everyone adores her), getting much needed haircuts, supporting her awesome mom’s participation in the Cancer Society’s Making Strides Walk, sunbathing on the deck and in general being an adorable peach. Her mom really has taken this sweet girl under her wing and shown her what it means to be loved and cherished. Riley is so appreciative of all the care and adores her mom right back. I’m told that Riley also has much love for her brother, Popcorn.

Besides their usual wrestling and toy tossing…she just seems to adore him. Even my groomer has commented on it — when Riley sees Popcorn up on the table being groomed she’ll twirl around & around.

I can’t begin to tell you how much of an impact she’s made in our lives. She is the dearest little one ever!!! (even if I am a bit biased as her “mom”)

How lucky is this little lady? She really did land the perfect home with an amazing mom. Thinking back on how Riley came into foster care – loosing her home and ending up in a shelter, it truly comforts me to know that she is now exactly where she was meant to be and is a very happy, healthy and loved little dog.

3 thoughts on “Santa Watch!

    • Thank you!!! Riley continues to do great (despite being diagnosed with Cushing’s disease last year). She still LOVES nibbling on her toys…running in the yard…sleeping on my lap with the TV…and EATING!!!! I found your blog too and enjoyed reading about your Mary. Can’t believe that you live in Springfield Ohio…I’ve been there many, many times (my Mom was raised there & several of my aunts and cousins lived there too)..fond, fond memories of East Pleasant Street, the library and there was a fantastic bookstore that my cousin use to take me too, but for the life of me I can’t remember the name…oh and the IGA, etc. WOW…small world.

    • I just remembered the name of the bookstore in Springfield I use to go to with my cousin. It was called Readmore’s. Is it still there I wonder????

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