Brotherly Love…

Oh Wiley. What a cool little dude. This guy came to me after he had been picked up as a stray. Right from the start, I knew he was going to be one of the chillest fosters ever. He had such an easy going personality…calm, cool and collected. He loved other dogs and enjoyed snuggling with people. He liked playing fetch and wrestling with other dogs. He got along with just about everyone he met and always pulled at people’s heart strings. He walked well on his leash and was amazing at doing his business. He was totally ok being left alone (he’s just snooze and snooze) but even happier if there were humans with him. No matter what was thrown his way, he’d just take it in stride. So you’d think he would have been a quick mover, right? Well…not exactly.

Through no fault of his own, things just didn’t work out on several occasions when he was supposed to be adopted. There were meets where the resident dogs just didn’t like him. Other times the humans were unfortunately allergic to him. And more than once he actually got ‘stood up’ on the day of his meet & greet. Despite his adoption roller coaster ride, Wiley never let any of that phase him. Eventually we hit the jackpot.

Wiley finally found his way into his forever home in November, a little over a year ago. Let me tell you something…he has been living the dream this past year. Seriously. His mom adores him and takes really amazing care of the little guy. He keeps her laughing and she is thrilled to have him in her life. Wiley loves her back just as much and is also very happy with his siblings.  Jake – his golden retriever big brother and Fat Joe – his pleasantly plump canine brother. He also has his grand and great grand parents along with other family members and canine cousins who all truly cherish him. He joins his family pretty much wherever they go. From summer vacation get aways in the Poconos to helping mom at work, Wiley is always part of whatever is going on. His mom summed it up best when she said…

“Wiley is so much a party of our family it feels like he’s been here all along”

The life and times of Wiley through his mom’s lens…

Wiley is also obsessed with any heat source he can find…

A few weeks ago Wiley celebrated his adoptiversary with his family…

Happy Aoptiversary

So while this guy may have started out on a bumpy road to adoption, he ended his ‘Gotcha’ story on a gloriously high note. Like his mom said…

“We can’t imagine our life without him now. We are so attached to each other. He’s so happy, he gets so excited and wags his tail all the time. I hate to think what he may have been through in his life, but he’s happy now.”

And that, my friends, is just one of the reason I love fostering. Being able to help these down on their luck (but very wonderful) dogs find their amazing soul-mates is a truly awesome thing indeed.

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