Oh So Sassy!

A few months ago I had a shy, but very sweet foster named Sassy. She was surrendered to ACCT when her owners could no longer care for her and was scooped up by PAWS. Sassy was not a fan of being in the shelter, she was very nervous and even tried to nip a few folks. But could you blame this girl? I often imagine how I’d react if my entire world was flipped upside down and I was thrown into a world of strangers surrounded by noises and smells I had never experienced before. I wouldn’t be a very happy camper.

We always try to get dogs that have difficulty adjusting to shelter life into foster homes as soon as possible. This helps them acclimate and gives them a head-start before entering their forever homes. Sassy came home with me and slowly began to trust humans again. And while she was a very well behaved little lady, she needed an adopter that would understand to give her time and space, allowing her to come out of her shell at her own pace. After a short stint with me, I was able to find Sassy an amazing family that was willing give her plenty of love, but knew not to smother her or expect immediate changes.

I recently heard from Sassy’s mom and, well…she is doing absolutely amazing. With time and patience from her family, it didn’t take Sassy long to feel comfortable and she began approaching them for affection in no time. She’s been incredibly well behaved and loves to follow her family wherever they go, checking everything out and making sure everyone is ok. Sassy gets along great with her dog sister, Juicy, and they enjoy snoozing on the couch together. Her family made sure to get her plenty of her own ‘stuff’, from beds to toys and everything in between. Sassy is one lucky lady to be with such a great family that cares so much for her. Check out the below pics to see her enjoying her forever home!!



A huge THANK YOU to Sassy’s amazing family for taking such great care of her and showing her all about what it’s like to be a true member of a loving family ❤

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