Ups and Downs with The Mingo

As most of you know, last weekend Mingo was released from the hospital after undergoing surgery to repair a stricture in her trachea. Since then, things have been going fairly smoothly… albeit quite the roller coaster ride.

Over the past week this amazing dog has shown what positive thinking can really do. Mingo has basically had two issues to overcome – 1, recovering from her surgery and 2, beating the pneumonia that has a nasty hold on her. While many humans would resort to whining and complaining at the task at hand, Mingo was ready for the challenge. She truly does have such a positive vibe about her, which I think has helped immensely in her recovery. I know some of you may think …”Really Deb? She’s a dog.”. But speak to anyone that has met or worked on Mingo’s case and they will all agree…this dog is a fighter. She refuses to let these issues pull her down.

While it was after surgery that I feared would be difficult for  Mingo to handle, has been recovering from that just fine. The hole from having the trach tube finally closed (thank goodness because the stuff that would come from that was a wee bit yuck) and her sutures from the incision were removed earlier this week. It’s quite obvious that she feels SO much better now that she’s able to eat, drink and breathe normally. She still has the feeding tube in, but as I said in my last post, I only need that for meds. Once that is fully healed they will be able to remove it in another week or so. It doesn’t bother her in the least, she moseys around with it dragging along the ground. I’ve had to come up ways to keep it from dragging when we go for a walk. A little bandaging does the trick…


So all in all her recovery from surgery has been silky smooth. It’s the pneumonia that has had me quite a bit worried.

I took Mingo in to VSEC for a follow up xray on Saturday. The results were mixed. Some parts of her lungs looked like they were clearing up, which was awesome, but other parts actually looked worse. I honestly wasn’t that surprised. While Mingo seemed to be getting on just fine recovering from surgery, I could tell that she was suffering quite a bit from the pneumonia. Throughout the past few days she seemed to have her good hours and then her not so wonderful ones. She had also lost weight, which again I wasn’t surprised at…her appetite hadn’t been that good. The plan was to continue with her current meds & care, add a new med on, keep her on strict rest and come in for a re-check in a couple days.


During the next few days Mingo continued to be up and down. There were moments she was totally fine, alert and ready for action (even though ‘action’ was off limits) and then there were times I could tell she just felt downright awful. But despite this, she began eating more, which was a huge plus. Part of her care includes nebulizing, where I bring her into a nice steamy bathroom a few times a day. She seems to like it and it helps, but she always give me the strangest looks when the steam starts building up.

On Monday we went in for our re-check and received mostly positive news. The parts of her lung that had looked good on the last xray continued to improve, while the other part mostly stayed the same. Up and down. One thing that was of concern was that Mingo continued to vomit on occasion. For a dog suffering from aspiration pneumonia, that is no good. So new meds were thrown into the mix and I was shown how to (forgive me for my lack of actual medical terms here) suck out her feeding tube. Basically draw back on the syringe to help clear her tummy of the grossness that could be causing the vomiting. Uhm, yeah…I never thought I’d be doing something like that, it can be quite nasty, but it helps her and that’s all I need to know. So bring on the grossness.


It’s been a couple days since that re-check and things have been even keeled. Mingo is continuing to eat like a champ. I’ve even been able to get her to take some of her meds by mouth, which is a HUGE plus. Strict rest is still in order, but we venture out together a few times a day for potty breaks and people watching…which she loves.


When she’s not resting in her bed or crate, she is right by my feet looking for love.


I keep promising her that one day soon she will 100% and be able to frolic around with her buddies. She watches them run around and play with each other and I can tell she wants to join them (she’s actually tried) but isn’t quite ready for that yet. Soon, little Mingo, soon. In the meantime she is soaking up plenty of affection from Fran and I. She truly is a little love bug with such a sweet disposition. This girl will make her forever family so very happy. (Mingo will be ready for adoption once she is fully recovered) I’ll be bringing her in for her next re-check early next week. I am staying positive and really hope that her results are better. Fingers and paws crossed, for sure.

I want to thank everyone for their kind words and support of Mingo. She generated a lot of interest last week when her story was posted and her fan base continues to grow. I am incredible grateful for all of the emails and calls from people offering to help with Mingo’s care. There are so many people rooting for this little dog, it’s amazing. Mingo sends all of you virtual nose nudges and kisses 🙂

DSC_0031On another note, this happened the other day. Meet the newest foster, Coco. This dog is awesome. She’s an older gal of about 6-10 years, but she has plenty of spunk. She’s happy, sweet and super cool in just about any situation. Mingo absolutely loves her as do all the other resident dogs. I’ll get her full bio up soon, stay tuned!

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