George (Adopted 9/13/14)

GeorgeParentsGeorge – Adopted 9/13/14

**Gorgeous George had a a stellar weekend! I took him to meet with his potential adopters and after they got to spend some hanging out time with George, it was quite clear…he was totally meant for this family! His parents are well versed in doxie personality – they have a sweet little one, Ellie, that rescued a couple years ago. So not only does gorgeous George have incredible folks to show him all joys of a forever home…he has a frisky little sister to help! It didn’t take George very long to feel at home, he’s been romping around with Ellie and meeting new neighborhood friends, all while receiving plenty of love from his perfect parents. Happy adoption endings never cease to put a huge smile on my face and I am thrilled that George found such an amazing forever family. Stay tuned for updates!**

George7Age –  Approx 4-6 years old

Ended up at shelter because – Owners could no longer care for him

Breed – Dachshund

Weight – 12 lbs

Energy level – Medium/High

Temperament – Playful, spunky, friendly

Kids? – Older children would be ok

Needs – Continued training to help him become well adjusted

Meet George, the spicy dachshund with a TON of personality who enjoys living each day to the fullest! This guy has a lot of energy…he loves the game of chase and tug, plays appropriately with dogs and humans alike, and takes correction well. He’d would do great in a home with another social, vivacious dog who canGeorgeWalk match his puppy like energy but would also make an amazing single companion. George absolutely adores going on his daily walks, he becomes very excited when he sees his leash and he just can’t wait to “go, go, go!!” He has great leash manners and is very well behaved with everyone he meets along the way, this social butterfly makes new friends wherever he goes!

Once George is worn out from all his walks, wrestles, and tug games, he turns into the best lap dog ever. He’d be perfectly content to chill out and take it easy with you and if you happen to like giving him belly rubs, he certainly won’t turn them down! He’s is very loving and has the power to cheer you up no matter what’s got you down, he wants nothing more than to be your best friend. George is working on house training and basic obedience and should continue with learning in his new home. He is a smart dude and very willing to please, so he makes an excellent student! George is quite simply a very happy boy who is a blast to be around, he’ll keep you on your toes and laughing the entire time. He’d make a great addition to an active & adventurous family who shares the same zest for life as he does!

He likes…

  • Daily walks
  • Snuggling with his human friends
  • Playing fetch
  • Belly rubs

He’s not too happy with…

  • Being left alone, but he’s learning and getting better!
Interested in adopting George? Please view our FAQ for info about the adoption process.

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