Into the Wild

As some of you may know, I love camping. I am a big fan of getting outdoors and soaking up as much nature as possible. For me, tent camping was always the way to go…until I was introduced to RVing many years ago. It’s cleaner, more convent and so much comfier for our dogs. We love it so much that we actually travel quite a bit during our ‘off season’ in the winter. But that’s a whole different story. This tale is about taking a city dog into the wild…



We packed up our rig and hit the road with little foster dog Chloe and our two dachshunds in tow. Our other two boys headed to overnight camp for a few days…fun! Chloe wasn’t too sure what to make of the loud, bumpy ‘box’ we rode in…but she decided it wasn’t too bad.

Once we got to our destination and set up camp, she was so intrigued with everything she saw, smelled and heard. It was very awesome to observe her taking in everything around her. You’d think a little gal like her may be overwhelmed by it all, but she just went with the flow.

Chloe loved following us around the campsite, whether we were gathering wood for the fire or setting up for dinner. She was also very cozy, comfy when we hung around inside the RV and she really enjoyed watching everything from the ‘big window’.

As always, we had a ton of fun on our mini getaway. Chloe is one of the chillest, most easy going fosters I’ve had. She’d make an excellent companion for someone who loves to explore the outdoors or a person who’d prefer to stay inside and read about adventures from the safety of a cozy couch…she’s happy either way and really just wants to be by your side no matter what the day may bring!


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