Shortest. Break. Ever.

Last week I chatted with some friends about looking forward to my upcoming foster break. Here’s the thing…while I enjoy taking in, helping and then adopting shelter dogs out into awesome forever homes, a lil respite is a wonderful thing now and then. It gives me time to recharge my batteries and allows for more free time to spend with my own dogs or to simply do ‘me’ stuff. When my friends heard me talk about taking a break they basically laughed at me and said “Yeah right” because, well…I’ve talked about taking a break before, yet I somehow always end up scooping up a foster a few days later. But this time I was adamant.

I met up with Mitzi’s new and amazing mom at PAWS on Sunday. The Grays Ferry location is always a good spot to do a meet of the potential adopter isn’t within walking distance from home. It’s where we house our dogs when they initially come into the rescue. So basically all new dogs that we pull from the city shelter come into GF first before being placed in foster or transferred to our other adoption locations. I usually help out at least GF twice a week, but due to a hectic schedule, I hadn’t been by in over a week and therefore hadn’t spent time with the new dogs.

After I was finished with Mitzi’s adoption, I headed down to chat with Kerri (an awesome GF staff member) about how I’d be taking a break for a while. When I entered the office, there was a small little chihuahua laying all curled up on a bed…one of the new dogs I hadn’t met yet, named Spot. I looked at Kerri and simply said “Nope, I’m taking a break!” But then little chihuahua started coughing. And coughing. And sneezing. And coughing. As with so many other dogs that come into the shelter who haven’t had prior vaccinations, she had contracted kennel cough and had a nasty case of it. Almost all my fosters have had KC, in varying degrees of severity. It’s not a life treating illness, but some more severe cases can develop into worse illnesses, such as pneumonia. Treatment usually requires antibiotics, which are always supplied by PAWS. Stress can prolong recovery and in some cases make a dog worse. So if a dog can get into a home where they can have some quiet, relaxed rest…it is always very beneficial.

Which basically meant, there was no way I was going to leave without scooping up the little chihuahua. My ‘foster break’ lasted all of 22 minutes. And I don’t regret my decision at all.

With the help of Instagram fans, Spot has been renamed to Chloe. She is settling in nicely and has been taking her meds with no issues. She is definitely still very much under the weather and not feeling well at all but seems incredibly content to be out of the noisy shelter and in a quiet home where she can relax. Chloe is shy but oh so sweet. Because she is so sick, it’s hard to get a gauge on her true personality but she seems like a very gentle soul that wants nothing more than to chill out in a warm lap. I doubt that she will change all that much once she feels 100% better…I have a feeling she’ll by very loyal and friendly with some spunk in her step!

Stay tuned for an updated bio!

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