Shave and a Haircut

It’s amazing what a ‘little off the top’ can do. For Mitzi, quite a bit. When she arrived at the shelter she was filthy and terribly matted. The amazing staff at PAWS cleaned her up and helped her look (and feel) amazing. This is her before and after…

I know what you’re thinking…”Is that really the same dog?!” Indeed, is is.

Mitzi is continuing to do well in foster. She is starting to grasp the concept of a potty schedule, is  eating like a champ and absolutely adores snuggling next to me whenever I settle down. She truly likes to be by my side wherever I go in the house, whether it’s into the kitchen or all the way upstairs, little Mitzi likes to travel along to see what I’m up to.

This week I’ll be continuing to work on basic commands with Mitzi…which I know she’ll ace. Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Shave and a Haircut

  1. The ‘after’ bounciness, no matter what the condition of the kid prior to getting the mats shaved, priceless! Did you get that on video?

    • Indeed! We didn’t get Mitzi’s after bounce on video that I know of, but will ask around to see if any of the staff got her shaking her shaved lil self all about after her transformation 🙂

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