Sassy (Adopted 6/11/14)

Adopted! 6/11/14

** Sassy had a rough couple of months but is now happy, healthy and has found her way to her new family. They met her last weekend and were quite smitten with Miss Sassy…they knew that she’d be a perfect match. In no time Sassy warmed up to her new family and is fitting in splendidly. Not only did she score some awesome humans that have already been taking amazing care of her, she has a super cool canine sis now too! Sassy needed a family that would understand her sensitive side, she got that and so much more! She is thrilled to be in such a loving home, and I’m am very glad she got so lucky!

IMG_20140601_171352Age –  Approx 7 years old

Ended up at shelter because – Owners were moving and could no longer care for her

Breed – Spaniel/chihuahua mix

Weight – 13 lbs

Energy level – Low

Temperament – Reserved, calm, unsure of strangers…but very friendly to those she has bonded with

Kids? – No young kids. Calm, older children 13+ who will understand to be very gentle with her may be ok

Needs – Home with at least one other resident dog, quite environment, dog savvy owner who will understand to take things slowly with her & help her adjust in new home

Sassy is a very shy but incredibly sweet little girl who was surrendered, along with her sister Nala, by her family because they were moving and couldn’t take her with them. Sassy is even more timid than her sister, and though she likes other dogs and cats, it takes her some time to warm up to new people. She will take her lead from other dogs, so to insure she is comfortable we would like to see her placed in a home with another dog and with no children. She has made great strides in her foster home and would love to be adopted by a patient person willing to help her adjust in her new environment. Sassy enjoys her daily walks and is always very well behaved while out & about. She has fun chasing birds she sees along the way, checking out new sights & smells and is totally content to just ‘people watch’. Sassy is a smart girl who knows some basic commands such as sit and stay…she is very treat motivated which helps her to be a good student, always willing to learn more. She has recently discovered the joy of squeaky toys and how to fetch! After a day of fun, Sassy really likes to snuggle on the couch and take a nap…or two. She is a very mellow gal who would fit in with someone who won’t try to push her into being overly affectionate, she’ll come to you for love and give plenty in return once she feels comfortable.

She likes…

  • Daily walks
  • Taking lots of naps
  • People watching
  • Snuggling with her people

She’s not too happy with…

  • Strangers she’s not properly introduced to
  • Young children



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