Dottie (Adopted 3/29/14)

DotandMomDottie – Adopted! 3/29/14

** Miss Dottie truly hit the jackpot of adoptions! Her adopter fell in love the moment she read all about her and was eager to scoop the little lady up in her arms. Her new mom is one of the most dedicated animal lovers I have had the pleasure of working with. Her compassion for her own companions, as well as others, is heartwarming. It is very comforting to know that Dottie is now in such an amazing forever home with a wonderful mom who will go the extra mile for her to keep her healthy and happy. Miss Dottie is now a Jersey girl living the good life and even has a canine brother to romp around with. What an amazing match!! Check out Dottie’s PAGE for updates!**


Dottie (Animal ID-22134369)Dottie

Age –  6-8 years old

Ended up at shelter because – Owner could no longer care for her

Breed – Toy poodle mix

Weight – 5 lbs

Energy level – Low

Temperament – Friendly with everyone she meets

Kids? – No young kids. Calm, older children 12+ who will understand to be very gentle with her may be ok.

Introducing the new and improved Dottie!! This small lady was surrendered to the shelter when her owner could no longer care for her, she came in with pretty bad gum disease and a heck of a mop on her head. She has since had dental surgery to remove her bad teeth (she still has a couple good ones left) and received a much needed haircut. Dottie is feeling oh so much better and ready to find her forever home! She is a very loyal companion who will want to be by your side whenever possible and since she’s a curious gal, she has a natural instinct to check up on her humans to see what they are up to. She expresses her affection with gentle nose nudges, tiny kisses and happy dances. She has one of the sweetest dispositions on the planet and it doesn’t take long to fall in love once you meet her. It seems leash walking is a totally new concept to Dottie, but she is catching on quickly and LOVES LOVES LOVES her daily outings. She gets so excited and bouncy when she knows she’s about to venture out! Dottie may have a few years under her belt but she is still very playful and loves a good game of fetch. She’s also very content to collect her toys from around the house and keep herself occupied by nibbling on them. Miss Dottie gets along well with other small dogs and would enjoy a canine sibling in her new home, but would also make an amazing solo companion as well. Because she is such a small gal and can easily become overwhelmed, she should not be in a home with very young children. This sweet, lovely lady is looking for that special someone who will be as devoted to her and she will be to them!

She likes…

  • Belly rubs
  • Daily walks
  • Taking lots of naps
  • Meeting new dogs
  • Playing with her toys

She’s not too happy with…

  • Being left alone
  • Young children




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