Donald (Adopted 4/18/14)

Donald – Adopted 4/18/14

**Lil guy Donald was adopted last week, yehaw! He now has 2 new canine brothers (Marley being one of them) and an incredible mom who’s teaching him all about the joys of a forever home. Donald has been having a blast romping around in the yard, taking walks with the pack and playing fetch with his toys! In addition to that awesomeness, he also has a super cool aunt that lives next door and helps take care of him when mom is busy at work. Talk about being surrounded by love!**

All EarsDonald (Animal ID-22140870)

Age –  4-6 years old

Ended up at shelter because – Found as a stray

Breed – Chihuahua

Weight – 7 lbs

Energy level – Low

Temperament – Shy and nervous but very sweet once he warms up

Kids? – No young kids. Calm, older children 10+ who will understand to be very gentle with him may be ok.

Meet sweet little Donald, the chunky Chihuahua with lots of love to give! Don is one handsome little guy and always turns heads wherever he goes. He’s a bit on the plump side at the moment but we’re working with him on trimming down. He gets along great with other dogs and really enjoys being part of the pack. Don can be a bit shy when first meeting new people but he warms up quickly and will be snuggling on laps in no time. He is very affectionate and would love curling up on the couch with his new person to watch some good movies. Walking Don to do his business is a breeze, he knows his stuff and does it quickly, leaving lots of time to enjoy the rest of the stroll through town. He is working on house training and basic obedience and should continue with learning in his new home to help him become a well adjusted guy. He’s a smart dog and willing to please, so he makes an excellent student! He isn’t very comfortable around small children and therefore shouldn’t be adopted into a home with any kids under 12. Don would love to find his forever home soon with a family that that well welcome him in with loving arms!

He likes…

  • Snuggles
  • Fetching his squeaky toys
  • His daily walks
  • Playing with his foster dog siblings

He’s not too happy with…

  • Joggers and strange dogs
  • Young children


Interested in adopting Donald? Please view our FAQ for info about the adoption process.

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