Wiley (Adopted 11/17/13)


Wiley & Great Grandma!

**Updated 11/17/13 – Wiley met an awesome couple over the weekend and within just a few hours of spending some ‘getting to know each other’ time, it was clear…he fit perfectly into their family. He now has a golden retriever brother and bunch of chihuahua cousins to romp around with as well as many extended human family members to give him plenty of love. Bonus of the weekend? Lil man now lives just a short few blocks away and plans have already been set for future dog park play sessions. I couldn’t ask for a more amazing family. His parents have already dedicated themselves to his well being, making sure he is happy and healthy! Wiley will know what it is to be loved like crazy the rest of his days. Horrraaay for happy endings! Check out Wiley’s PAGE for updates!**

WileyWiley (Animal ID-20760741)

Age –  7-10 years old

Ended up at shelter because – Was found as a stray

Breed – Chihuahua mix

Weight – 8 lbs

Energy level – Low

Temperament – Very friendly with everyone

Kids? – Yes. Calm, older children 5+ who will understand to be gentle with him

Are you looking for a loyal sidekick to share your life with? Do you enjoy daily outings, mixing and mingling with people you meet on the way? After a busy day, does movie night snuggled up on the couch with a buddy sound like your cup of tea? Then Wiley could be the guy for you! This super friendly Chihuahua is great with pretty much everyone he meets. Wiley loves going on his daily strolls, taking in the sights and sounds of the city. He has accompanied us at dog friendly restaurants where he’s always a big hit and always on his best behavior. He is definitely a people magnet, so be prepared for a lot of “Ooohhs” & “Aawwws” when you are out with him! While this guy has a very laid back, mellow personality, he still has a good amount of spunk in his trunk! When Wiley is in a playful mood, he’ll run around and play a frisky game of Catch me if You Can with his foster siblings. He’d love to have a new canine buddy to pal around with in his new home, but would also make an amazing single companion. Once the excitement of the day is over, Wiley would really enjoy snuggling up close with you and watching some TV…or reading, or browsing the web, or miniature figure painting, or…whatever floats your boat! This little guy also loves to travel, does incredibly well on car rides, and would be happy to accompany you wherever your travels may whisk you away to! Wiley is an all around awesome dog who would fit in with a family that can help him adjust in his new home and provide him the love he absolutely deserves!

He likes…

  • Belly rubs
  • Exploring the city
  • Taking lots of naps
  • Sunbathing
  • Learning to Sit & Stay and the treats that come along with it

He’s not too happy with…

  • Dogs who play too rough
  • Loud cars that scare him on his walks


 Check out Wiley’s page for recent posts, news, and video!
Interested in adopting? Please view our FAQ for info about the adoption process.

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