Things, Realized

So, yesterday was a darn good day. Finnegan was adopted by an amazing family and I picked up a new foster, Wiley. I didn’t anticipate bringing home a new dude that day, I was planning on taking a break until the end of the weekend. But two things happened while I was at the shelter…

1. I realized I don’t need a break

I know I keep saying I’ll take one, but I’m just not feeling the need to do it right now. The last couple months have been quite odd for me Empty Kennelanyways. Due to the move into the city and change in living arrangements (mostly the lack of a decent sized fenced in yard along with having my 4 resident dogs), I no longer foster more than one dog at a time. It took me a while to get used to this new way of doing things and I’m still having a hard time with it. Being able to foster multiple dogs allowed me to take on harder to place dogs while still having room for quick movers. So while one dog may have been with me for a few months, a handful of other would come and go in between that time.  It goes without saying that things have really slowed down now that I’m a one dog foster home.

Which is why I don’t feel it’s necessary to take a break, just yet. There is no ‘break’ of dogs flowing into the shelter. No ‘break’ for the amount of days they will be there. When volunteers foster for PAWS, a pretty cool thing happens. We free up two spots by fostering one dog. Some of you not familiar with the system may be scratching your heads and asking “How?”. Well, when a spot opens up at PAWS (or another rescue) this allows them to make a trip to the city shelter and pull a dog to fill that spot. And what does that do? Frees up a space a the city shelter. Two for one, I call that a pretty good deal.

So while I realize that breaks are good and I know I’ll need one soon, it just isn’t time quite yet. While I came to this conclusion, the other thing happened…

2. I realized this lil dude needed out

Yes, I know, they all need out. PAWS does an amazing job of keeping all the animals as comfortable and happy as possible. They have enrichment programs that help the dogs (and even the cats) get daily socialization, whether it be some one on one time with staff/volunteers or group play sessions in the yard.

However, some dogs just do not do well in a shelter environment. They may be social and friendly but are too stressed to eat/sleep, which takes an obvious toll on their body. Some simply need to get into a foster (or better yet, an adoptive) home so that they can feel ‘normal’ and carry on with their daily lives. Eating and sleeping are good and I could tell Wiley needed quite a bit of both.

So once I realized these things, I decided Wiley would be my newest foster. After a quick name change (from a somewhat hard to pronounce Rorer) we hit the road and headed home. Wiley was very well behaved in the car. For the first part of the trip he just laid down on the front seat and took a snooze. A short time, later he decided to check things out a bit more and take a peek out the window.

Car Ride


While he’s only been with me for a day, I think Wiley is an all around pretty fantastic guy. He does great on his walks, enjoys meeting new people and dogs and has a fabulously sweet personality. He was so tired that he slept through most of yesterday and didn’t make a peep all night. He’s been eating with some coaxing and should begin to pack on some weight soon.

Hello There

Lil Wiley is really a super cool dude who’d make a great addition to a family looking for a new best friend. I’ll be sure to post more info about him soon!


3 thoughts on “Things, Realized

  1. Thanks for your kind words and support, Patron Saint of Dogs! While fostering and volunteering can be draining at times, it is always an amazing and rewarding experience! I am very interested in reading about your experiences that lead you to write your book and I will be checking it out very soon! It’s great that you are dedicating your time to writing and are using it to help dogs in need!

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