A Camping We Will Go!

I know what some of you are thinking…”Where have you been the last couple months?” The short answer? Super crazy busy! I know I said that I was going to try to keep up and post more, but life decided to get all sorts of wild on me. We moved in early June and it took quite a while after that to get things sorted and settled. We’ve had lot of company coming and gong in the last couple months, with large chunks of free time devoted to playing hosts and showing our visitors the sights and sounds of the area. Time simply slipped by. I am shocked that it is already August…which means summer is almost over. Heavy sigh. But anyways…

Last week was my birthday (woohoo!) and while I’m not usually the celebrating type, I decided that it had been way long since our last camping trip. So we packed up the RV, scooped up the dogs, and hit the road. I wasn’t really sure how Monty would feel about a few nights being one with nature, but it turns out he loved it!


Monty was pretty unimpressed with travelling by motorhome



Monty was very well behaved during the trip and truly enjoyed himself. Whether is was hanging out on the dash by the window to check out all the critters or hiking the many trails along the Chesapeake…this lil guy had a blast! I’m glad I was able to bring him along for the fun and thrilled he had such a good time 🙂

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