Marley (Adopted 5/27/13)

**Updated 5/27/13 –  Ohhh Happy Day, Marley Man has been adopted! This shy guy met a fantastic new family over the weekend and it didn’t take long for everyone to fall head over heals. He really has it made in his new forever home…With an amazing mom who adores him and is committed to helping boost his confidence every day, an awesome brother who’s showing him the ropes of dog life, and weekly visits from neighborhood dogs, friends, & family…this guy is surrounded by so much love! I stopped by for a quick visit the other day and could tell Marley is doing so excellent in his home, which makes my heart smile! (yes, hearts can smile!) He has a safe yard to romp around in, daily walks to keep him active, human friends to help take care of him, dogs to play with, and a superstar mom who has made it all possible. I am truly thankful that he is in such great hands and know that he will lead an extraordinarily happy life!**

Age – 2-4 years old

Ended up at shelter because – Was found as a stray

Energy level – Medium-high

Temperament – Nervous but very friendly

Needs – Suburban home with other social dogs, fenced yard, confident owner who can commit to training & socializing

Are you looking to add a heaping dose of adorableness to your life? Do you enjoy daily outdoor activity, but also appreciate couch lounging? Are you dedicated, loving, and not afraid to be a silly goose now and then? Then this little guy could quite possibly be your soul mate! Marley is one handsome little Chihuahua, check out his gorgeous golden eyes paired with his stunning white coat…he is definitely a head turner! Marley was found as a stray before coming into the shelter. He was very nervous and scared and wasn’t too sure about what to think of people. But this guy has come a long way during his time in foster care, and is learning to trust again. He will need someone who is willing to work on socializing him on a daily basis, helping build his confidence in the world around him! He is very sweet and gentle and will follow his people around the house just to be close to them. He enjoys running around outside on warm days, and pretty much acts like a big goofball! Marley gets along well with other small dogs, and should go into a home with another active buddy or two who can help show him the ropes of being a brave little adolescent dog! Although Marley is a shy guy by nature, he is one incredibly affectionate dude and adores giving and getting attention once he gets to know you. He will wiggle his way onto your lap and give out TONS of kisses! Marley is working on house training and basic obedience and should continue with learning in his new home. He is a smart dog and willing to please, so he makes an excellent student! He isn’t very comfortable around children and therefore shouldn’t be adopted into a home with any kids under 13. Marley would make a great addition to an active & adventurous family that can help him adjust in his new home, guide him into becoming the courageous boy that he truly is, and smother him with enormous amounts of love & attention! 

He likes…

  • Snuggling on your neck
  • Gobbling up breakfast & dinner!
  • Running his plentiful energy off in the yard
  • Wrestling with other dogs
  • Learning to sit & stay and the treats that come along with it
  • Jogging around with giant sticks in his mouth

He’s not too happy with…

  • Walking on a leash (but he is learning and getting better!)
  • Young children
  • Loud, scary noises
  • New people & places
Check out Marley’s page for recent posts, news, and video!
Interested in adopting? Please view our FAQ for info about the adoption process.

One thought on “Marley (Adopted 5/27/13)

  1. Marly looking up to doggy heaven praying that someone will come and adopt him and love him forever. He is so stinking cute.

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