Monty Burns (Adopted 8/10/13)

**Updated 8/10/13 – After a few months in foster and a long search for his forever home…Monty’s dreams have finally come true! He has been adopted by his awesome new  mom!  This super cool gal wasn’t the least bit fazed by his quirks, with plenty of experience under her belt…she truly fell for him the moment laid eyes on him. There were so many ‘signs’ along her journey in meeting Monty, the universe was absolutely pulling them together. The two met up this week and even a stranger could have told you that this was the perfect match for the spunky guy. Today we made the trip to be reunited with his new mom make his adoption official. Monty is now an only dog, something he longed very much to be, and is certain to be living the good life as king of his castle! He is already settling in and helping keep his mom’s lap warm and her face full of kisses. She adores him and will be spoiling him with the affection, attention, and love that he deserves.  I would by lying if I said that I didn’t miss him a bit, but I am comforted by the fact that I know he is in great hands with such a kind hearted woman. Lots of love to Monty & Fatima, wishing you many many many happy years together!**

MontyAge – 2-4 years old

Weight – 4 lbs

Ended up at shelter because – Found as a stray

Energy level – Low/Medium

Temperament – Friendly, spunky

Needs – Positive reinforcement training and socialization, an experienced small dog owner

Would prefer – To be the only pet in the household

Kids? – Older children, 10+, who will understand to be gentle with him

Meet Monty Burns, a tiny little Chihuahua that packs a lot of pizzaz into a pint size package.  When he first came into foster he was quite malnourished and feeling very much under the weather. But with some nutritious food and lots of TLC, this guy has made quite an incredible recovery! He has learned a few things while in foster, such as…Toys are super amazing to play with and belly rubs rock! Monty is also a pretty smart guy who has picked up on house training and basic obedience and should continue to do well in his new home if kept on a consistent schedule. This spunky man walks very wellExplorer on a leash and enjoys his daily strolls around the neighborhood. He has a lot of fun voicing his opinion at all the sights and sounds he sees along the way! While Monty gets along with most small dogs he can be a bit particular about who he lets be his canine buddy. He’d prefer to be an only dog so he can bask in the spotlight…he’s a superstar after all! Monty loves people and is quite friendly with everyone he meets. It may take him a moment to get a good sniff and a few barks in before he’ll approach, but with proper introductions he’ll be on their lap looking for kisses in no time. He is incredibly loyal, loving, and affectionate with a whole lot of silly personality mixed in. Monty would love for someone just as sweet (and goofy) to scoop him up into his forever home where he will be a beloved companion for life.

He likes…

  • Lap lounging
  • Playing Hide & Seek
  • Chasing bugs outside
  • Kongs stuffed with tasty treats
  • Small dogs who are mellow & social
  • Hanging out with his people and watching tv

He’s not too happy with…

  • People he hasn’t been properly introduced to
  • Rainy days
  • Boisterous young children
  • Cats, large dogs
  • Dogs who boss him around   

Interested in adopting Monty Burns? Please view our FAQ for info about the adoption process.
Check out Monty’s PAGE for recent updates.

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