Looking Good…

Scrawny Boy

When Monty first arrived…

It’s been a handful of weeks since Monty Burns (fka Cheech) came into foster. When he arrived he was pretty emaciated and had a bad bout of kennel cough. He had almost no energy, wasn’t  too keen on eating, and was downright miserable. After a couple days of coaxing with some delicious chicken, rice, egg, and puppy food mixture and some sweet talk and hand-feeding, this guy started to enjoy and even very much look forward to his multiple feedings throughout the day. His kennel cough, however, wasn’t getting much better. So a switch was made in his meds and within a few days his nastiness started to dissipate  It was great to have him sleeping though the night, instead of having terrible hacking fits every 10 minutes. I’m sure it felt good to him to finally get some sleep…I know it felt awesome for me!

MushMix Meds Work Wonders

After a couple weeks on the mushy food mixture, I switched Monty over to my usual high quality kibble (Merrick Chicken and Brown Rice) and he gobbled it up like a champ. Slowly but surely the lil dude was gaining weight and looking/feeling better.

These days Monty is running about and acting like a goofball of a dog. He may be small, but he is one spunky and opinionated guy! He LOVES to tell all the birds, cars, and fire hydrants that he is THE BOSS when we go on our walks. Total superstar. He truly adores people and has been great with a lot of strangers we have met in the past couple weeks.

He’s a bit more particular when it comes to other dogs, he definitely has a ‘type’ that he prefers. Those that are strong willed,  competitive, or bossy…aren’t really his favorite and he will be sure to let them know! He prefers the quiet, laid back type willing to let him bask in the spotlight.

I’m so happy this little guy is feeling better. I always enjoy watching foster dogs transform…whether it’s from a scared dog into a social butterfly or a lil guy that needs some decent TLC to recover and gain some good weight, it’s always an experience.  I love coming home to see Monty doing his happy dance with his lil pudgy belly…he has come a long way and I’m super excited that he is ready for adoption! I’ll be posting his updated bio with new photos (he already has a couple of potential forever homes!) but for now check out the new and improved Monty Burns…

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