A Little Angel Crosses Over

DSC_0149This weekend I received some devastating news. Macho, a former foster of mine from last year, was struck and killed by a car on Saturday. When I received this news from his mom, I was overwhelmed with sadness. Having fostered a handful of dogs over the years I always expected to eventually get a call like this one, whether it would be about a loss from illness or terrible accident. But nothing ever prepares you for the heartache you feel no matter how much you try to prepare.

Macho was an amazing little dog…happy and playful, smart and willing to learn. During his time in foster with me he made many friends and fans through PAWS staff, adoption events, and the folks around the neighborhood. He loved to play with his human friends and adored his dog buddies as well. He was one of the best hiking pals I’ve met and he loved get outdoors to explore.

Macho with his brother Jäger

Macho with his brother Jäger

When Macho was adopted, I knew he was going to be one happy (and spoiled) guy. When he met his mom, they both pretty much fell in love with each other in an instant…it really was an amazing match. His mom and I had many conversations before, during, and after the adoption process and I could tell she was willing to do whatever it took to care for Macho. He had gotten lucky and not only scored a super-mom, but an awesome brother to romp around with as well!

Over the fall and winter I received updates about how Macho was doing and got to see pics of him in his home. I could tell that he was totally adored and knew that he must have known what a lucky guy he was to have found such an amazing forever home. He enjoyed walks around the neighborhood, visits from friends, and even got to attend doggy daycare!

His mom kept him warm and stylin'!

His mom kept him warm and stylish.

The past couple days haven’t been easy. I have been terribly sad at not only the loss of a sweet little dog, but the pain that I know his family is going through right now. To have your dog taken away so suddenly, as Macho was, is shocking and heart wrenching. His mom is devastated and I wish there was something I could do to ease her pain. For me it helps to know that he really had an amazing life with an incredible mom who adored him. He lived everyday in a home with an unending amount of love and was a member of a very happy family.

His mom is doing the best she can to get through this tough time and will be keeping her other dog busy and happy to help ease his sadness. She always referred to Macho as her “Lil Angel”. He brought such joy to her life and was loved by many…he will be missed by all.

Rest in peace, lil man

Macho and his brother en route to daycare!

Tired boys after a day of play!

Tired boys after a day of play!

Sweet Angel

Sweet Angel posing for his awesome mom

9 thoughts on “A Little Angel Crosses Over

  1. This is heart wrenching. I’m so sorry for his Moms lose and for the sadness of his doggy family. Deb, just know that you gave him a happy, loving family. He is now an Angel watching over his family.

  2. Thank you all for your kind words and warm thoughts. Just getting my feelings out like this has been a tremendous help. Macho was definitely one of a kind and he’ll never be forgotten. He lived a happy and full life and was truly adored by his family and those around him. I have passed your love onto Macho’s mom who could use all the good vibes in the world right now. He was the world to her and she gave the world to him, he will never be forgotten.

  3. I know Macho’s mom…She adored him so much. She talked about him all the time and how great he made her feel. He’ll truly be missed. Macho (Lil Man) RIP.

  4. today would have been my lil boys 3rd birthday!!!! i miss him so much. I love you Macho !!! thank you for letting me be your mommy!!!!

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