New Guy in Town

This lil guy is brand new to the foster crew! He’s a tiny thing and needs some good tlc before he will be ready for adoption. Despite his current condition, he is in amazing spirits and is quite spunky & very affectionate. I’ll have updates and his full bio up soon, so be sure to check back later!

7 thoughts on “New Guy in Town

  1. Appalling-skin and bones….I’m crying. Where in the world did he come from? He looks like Godiva’s brother. Your loving care and good nutrition will have him a happier little guy soon. It just makes me so sad to look at his pictures. I’m sure the updates will be amazing. He just looks so very sad and forlorn and neglected…want to snuggle with Godiva, Cheech?

    • Lil man may look a bit awful right now, but he’s got tons of personality! He is determined not to let his current state get him down! He’s been soaking up love, filling his belly with good stuff, and will be back to a healthy lil man soon! Updates coming soon!

      Please give Lamb & Gigi my love 🙂

  2. I WISH WISH WISH, that I had the funds to bring him home with me! I have 5 chihuahua’s and have ALWAYS had chi’s….I know exactly what kind of home he needs! My heart goes out to him! I wish I was the lucky one….wishing/hoping for the VERY VERY BEST for you Monty!! Muahhhh!

  3. I wish my husband would allow me to take in another dog (have 2 a pug mix & an older female chi)! My chi was rescued from a bad home situation she was not spaded & had a parasite from eating field mice. She was very fearful, especially of men. A year & half later she is the sweetest little girl you could ever meet! Her & my Rex are the best of friends!

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