Spicy & Smart, Tyco Brown Style

Tyco Brown is a really cool dude. In my last post I explained how much he had come out of his shell since arriving in foster. At this point I can say that he is quite an energetic, playful, and loving little guy. He is also a feisty man who LOVES running around and being part of the pack. He will gladly join in with their ‘tag’ and ‘tug of war’ games and definitely holds his own if things get a bit to intense for him. He has become quite the lil firecracker! This is a far cry from the nervous man that was truly terrified to have any dog approach him just a few weeks ago…

Ty is also a smarty pants. I started teaching him some basic commands a couple weeks ago and he caught on in no time. He actually loves learning new tricks and totally aims to please. He is an excellent student! Check him out doing his thing…

Tyco’s adoption was pushed back a bit due to him recovering from kennel cough, but he is now 100% recovered and ready to begin his new life! This adorable man has been pretty popular and will be heading to his forever home soon!

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