Miss Peach (Adopted 4/10/13)

**Update 4/11/13 –  Sweet little Miss Peach has found her way into an amazing forever home! She is happy to be part of an awesome family with two other dog siblings to pal around with and a wonderful mom who has shown her what it’s like to be loved & adored! Her new mom is dedicated to helping her adjust in her new place, and Miss Peach has fallen head over heels for her. When she’s not out enjoying a stroll around the neighborhood with her dog brother & sister, Miss Peach is enjoying the good life snuggled up on her mom’s lap. This dog savvy woman has a lot of chihuahua experience and has taken incredible care of so many dogs that have been lucky enough to come into her life. This is truly a perfect match and I know they will spend many many happy years together!** 

DSC_0042Age – 1-2 years old

Weight – 9 lbs

Entered the shelter system because  – Was found as a stray

Energy level – Medium/High

Temperament – Friendly, great with people and dogs!

Needs – Continued basic obedience/potty training, gentle owner who can help boost her confidence

Kids – Ok with well behaved, gentle children

Are you looking for a companion to help keep you active? Do you enjoy a good game of fetch with your dog friends? Would you like to add something super sweet to your life? Then little Miss Peach could quite possibly be your perfect match! This adorable Chihuahua mix is one of the friendliest dogs Snugglearound…she’s great with people, kids, and loves the company of other canines. Miss Peach can be a bit shy at first, but with you by her side helping her become a confident lady, she’ll be up on your lap giving out kisses in no time. She has a good amount bit of vibrant, playful energy, but she ‘s also great at chilling out and lounging. She adores a good belly rub and likes to dance around as you pet her. She loves to be around her foster people at all times and will follow them around the house or sit happily by their feet. Miss Peach is also one of the best lap warmers on the planet and is perfectly content to sit on your lap and snuggle. It’s hard to resist giving her attention when she stares up at you with that adorable face! Miss Peach is a curious gal who likes exploring around the house and yard, looking for fun and adventure. She enjoys wrestling with her foster brothers, playing ‘Catch me if you can!’, and just being a silly goose with them. She’d do great in a home with another spunky dog or two, but would also make an excellent single companion. Her newest discovery is toys. She likes squeaking, playing tug of war, and is learning how to fetch. She walks well on a leash and would be happy to accompany you on a couple of nice walks a day. Miss Peach is a real superstar, with an amazingly sweet personality, who would love to find her forever home soon. She’d do great with just about any family that is willing to take the time to help her become a more confident dog and in return she will reward them with an unending amount of affection.

She likes…

  • Daily walks
  • Belly rubs and massages
  • Lap lounging
  • Wrestling with other dogs

She’s not too happy with..

  • Being left alone  
  • Loud noises
  • Cold weather

DSC_0029   DSC_0017



girlpower   pack


If you are interested in adopting Miss Peach or would like additional info, please contact me. Head over to the FAQ for info about the adoption process.
Be sure to follow Miss Peach’s page for updated posts, news, and video!

4 thoughts on “Miss Peach (Adopted 4/10/13)

  1. POSTIVELY positve posting….kudos. She is absolutely adorable! How could she be a stray? Isn’t someone missing her???Is she okay going out in a yard or is she a “runner/escape artist” out of the door or yard? How long does PhillyPaws keep dogs/cats hoping for owners to find them before they go up for adoption?

    • Yes, there is a 2 day stray hold while the dogs are at ACCT (the shelter that PAWS pulls from) and a 10 day hold if they have identification (phone number, microchip, etc.). Miss Peach is actually great with going outside. She sits and waits at the door when I open it and then waits for me to go out first and call her before she follows me into the yard. Her mannerisms (hand shy, clingy) lead me to believe that her previous ‘owners’ may not have been so kind to her. Unfortunately there are many cases of owners giving up their animals by opening the door and letting them wander off to become ‘strays’.

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