Ruby Sapphire (Adopted 1/3/13)

Adopted 1/3/12 – What a way to start the new year off on the right paw! This sweet girl has found her new forever home with a wonderful woman who will give Ruby all the love she deserves for many years to come!

Age – 2-4 years old

Weight – 10 lbs Ended up at shelter because – Surrendered by owners who could no longer care for her

Energy level – Low

Temperament – Timid but very affectionate to those she knows

Needs – Adult only home, gentle owner who will continue to help build confidence & trust through play & training, a couple brisk walks a day, no other dogs/cats in the home

Sweet little Ruby Sapphire, a 10lb Chihuahua mix who was surrendered by her owners because they were moving, is single and looking for love! It seems this girl may have had a pretty rough life before arriving at the shelter and now wants nothing more than her very own forever family who can help her feel safe and comfy. Ruby has made amazing progress in her foster home  – From a scared dog who just wanted to be left alone, to an affectionate girl who seeks out love from those she has made a connection with. She comes further out of her shell each day, allowing her incredible personality to shine through. She is one of those dogs that will ‘thank’ you every day for rescuing her, giving out many kisses and snuggles, becoming your loyal companion for life. One of Ruby’s favorite things to do is going out for her daily walks around the neighborhood. Ruby walks well on her leash and has a blast scoping out everything that’s going on around town. She would love to be paired up with an active person who enjoys exploring the outdoors as much as she does! She’s a huge fan of toys and will bring them to you so she can play fetch or tug of war. She gets so excited to play, you will find it hard to resist her happy face when she brings you the toy back, repeating the game over and over again! Ruby is well behaved, but should definitely continue with training in her new home to help build her confidence and trust in people. She is doing great with learning basic commands such as sit & stay, as well as the all important drop it. She adores receiving treats for being a good student, to her it’s all fun & games! She is a very curious gal who will follow you around the house to make everything is a-ok! Ruby is a sensitive girl and isn’t a big fan of other dogs, cats, or children…they seem to stress her out quite a bit. Therefore she’d do best in a home without them and would make an awesome single companion! As active as Ruby is, she also knows how to take it easy. Whether it’s sitting quietly by your feet, or snuggling in your lap, she loves to chill out and relax once she’s all worn out. She’d thrive with a family that can take the time to help her along her journey of becoming a well rounded and amazing dog!

She likes…

  • Sunbathing
  • Receiving lots of attention
  • Exploring the yard
  • Squeaky toys
  • Sniffing fun smells in the kichen

She’s not too happy with…

  • Dogs/people getting to close to her meals (she is learning to share and should continue with training in new home)
  • Loud noises
  • Children       

ruby coat






rubycoach rubytoy


Interested in adopting Ruby Sapphire? Please view our FAQ for info about the adoption process.
Be sure to check out Ruby’s page for updates!

2 thoughts on “Ruby Sapphire (Adopted 1/3/13)

  1. We had the best time after we left PAWS. We went shopping and met a few people and she was a perfect little Angel. She was very protective of me, but I loved the attention. She is my little guardian, my diamond in the ruff, my “Ruby”

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