Oh Sew Good

It’s a well known fact that I adore dogs (and cats, bunnies, birds, pigs, elephants, so on and so forth). But it’s not so well known that I like to sew. Yup, sew. This bit of knowledge tends to make most people giggle just a smidgen. I don’t blame them, I would laugh quite a bit as well. Not that there is anything wrong with sewing, I truly think it’s an awesome hobby and a good skill to have. It’s just simply that me + sewing don’t seem to match. A lot of people tend to associate sewing with Martha Stewart types, girly girls, or extreem hobbyists. I am none of those. I get it, it’s humorous…but guess what? I love it. And I save a TON of money doing it. I sew everything from dog beds to slip covers. It’s fun and relaxing. I always sew alone. Until today…

My newest foster, Sir Fluffy Pantaloons (his nickname is Rocky) seems to think that sewing is pretty awesome as well. He hung out with me for my entire sewing session today and at one point had his head on my sewing foot (yes, I sew in socks). It was so very cute to watch his fluffy noggin bobbing up and down as I used the pedal…he eventually drifted away into dream land. I guess for him it was the equivalent of a human relaxing in a rocking chair, or a gently swinging hammock. When I finally decided to take a pic, I was only able to get one from above his head. He woke up and moved when I went in for the front. I totally missed the shot…oh well! Here are a couple of other shots of Fluffy man enjoying hanging out and helping me sew!

Sir Fluffy Pantaloons is totally single and available , for those of you looking for love. Check out his full bio here!

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