Lady Godiva (Adopted 10-26-12)

**Updated 10/26/12 – Little Lady Godiva has been adopted! This shy girl was scooped up by a kind woman and is now a Jersey Girl living the good life filled with lots of love. Gigi even got a bonus…an adorable big brother to hang out and become best pals with! Her new mom has been taking amazing care of her, making sure she is comfy, healthy, and happy! The trio have been enjoying plenty of walks together around the neighborhood and visits to the Pet Store for treats! I am thrilled that Lady Godiva is in such great hands and know that she will be much loved and very happy for many many years to come!!**

Age – 2-4 years old

Weight – 4 lbs

Ended up at shelter because – Owners could no longer care for her

Energy level – Medium

Temperament – Shy, nervous – but once warmed up, she’s a loyal love bug!

Needs – Adult only home, positive reinforcement training, gentle & patient owner, daily walks, fenced in yard to explore and feel safe in

Would prefer – Another small friendly dog to play with

Lady Godiva is a three year old, 4 pound chihuahua mix who is really more of a scaredy cat than a dog. She likes to view the world from the safety of your lap, and wants you to be around to protect her. She was surrendered to the shelter by her owners because they could no longer care for her. While this shy little gal is been through a lot in the past few months, her silly and affectionate personality comes shinning through the moment she learns you are here to be her friend. She enjoys exploring the yard outside and will follow her nose to all sorts of interesting smells. Lady Godiva may be timid, but that doesn’t stop her from telling all the outside critters (squirrels, beetles, frogs) who’s boss! She loves chasing them about, demonstrating how super quick on her feet she can be! She walks very well on a leash and enjoys her daily strolls around the neighborhood. One of Lady Godiva’s favorite things to do is dance! When she gets very excited, she will wiggle around, acting like a big goofball and showing off her amazing dance moves. You can tell she’s having a great time being silly and you’ll find it hard not to join in! When she is all worn out from exploring and dancing, she will curl up into a tiny Chihuahua ball to take a nap…if she’s able to do this on your lap, she will think you are the best thing ever!  Lady Godiva isn’t very fond of large dogs or cats and shouldn’t go to a home with young kids, as this would place too much stress on her. She is learning some basic commands such as ‘sit’ & ‘stay’ and is motivated by treats and praise. Patient training builds up her confidence, so she’d benefit from a positive reinforcement based class. Once she gets to know you, she is such a love-bug who will shower you with lots of kisses and be your loyal companion for many years to come. Lady Godiva would love to find her forever home with a family who can continue to help her adjust and guide her into becoming the confident dog that we all know she can be!

She likes…

  • Lap lounging
  • Exploring around the house and yard
  • Chasing squirrels
  • Learning new tricks
  • Small dogs who are mellow & social
  • Love and attention from people she trusts
  • Hanging out with her people and watching tv

She’s not too happy with…

  • People she hasn’t been properly introduced to
  • Children
  • Cats, large dogs
  • Dogs who try to steal her dinner   





Interested in adopting Lady Godiva? Please view our FAQ for info about the adoption process.
Be sure to follow Lady G’s page for recent posts, news, and video!

2 thoughts on “Lady Godiva (Adopted 10-26-12)

  1. What a beauty – I’ll have to go on here every day to actually see all of her – hope not! I’m so delighted to have her and Lambchop doesn’t understand her shyness but we’ll all work it out with patience, patience, treats and more treats and no fast moves. Lamchop is good that he doesn’t jump all over other animals. I guess to coax G out of the crate I’ll have to get a pet squirrel??? I just don’t want Mr. Groundhog in my kitchen…or…a squirrel….what to do? just wait and keep talking to her I guess. She is eating and pottying so I guess she is just very insecure…would like to measure her for a little sweater..guess I can measure the harness to get an idea. Thanks Deb. P.S. Sewing is getting to be a lost art but a good one. My mother was a Home Ec. teacher…Singer is a great brand. Funny rocking Sir Fluffy! Just don’t drop any pins.

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