Something Wiggly This Way Comes

I’ve been pretty busy over the past few weeks and haven’t had much time to stop by the PAWS clinic in quite a while. Since I was way overdue for a visit and had some free time, I swung by yesterday. A couple things happened while I was there…

1. Falling bird

While hanging out with a sweet little dog in the yard, I witnessed a baby bird fall out a nest, through the tree branches, and land on the ground. There were a few seconds where both me and sweet little dog just stared at the thing…then instinct kicked in for both of us. She, of course, wanted to chomp on the bird, while I wanted to make sure it was ok and out of harm’s reach. It flipped and flapped around pretty helplessly and was definitely not alright to fly. I was able to scoop him up into my hands and away from sweet little dog. He seemed ok, just really shaken up and in no shape to fly. PAWS did a quick once over on him and said he looked healthy. Next step? Operation Bird Rescue… Little birdie needed to be put back into his nest. So up went a ladder and the bird savior! A PAWS employee, who dedicates his time to saving dogs, found himself high in a tree saving a bird. He was able to maneuver around and plop lil bird dude back in the nest as momma looked on. While we all know that birds learn to fly by ‘falling’ (or being pushed) out of their nests, this lil guy was in no shape to take that step. If there had been a bigger or faster dog out there, the thing would have been lunch. Maybe after a couple days or so, lil bird dude will be better at flying. For now, I’m just happy that it all worked out ok. Pretty awesome stuff…


2. Picked up a new foster

While I was there, and before the bird craziness started, I was asked if I could foster a lil chihuahua who had just come over from the adoption center…Lady Godiva. I had met her a few weeks back and thought that she really was an awesome dog. LadyG is a very timid girl, but with time and lots of socialization, she definitely has the potential to come out of her shell. She is settling into our home nicely and has been enjoying hanging out with the other dogs. Her spunky side is breaking through and she is starting to loosen up and have fun! She’s a wiggly, happy, affectionate girl who would LOVE to find her forever home soon! I will be posting her full bio with more pics soon!



2 thoughts on “Something Wiggly This Way Comes

  1. What a fantastic story to wake up to. Deb, all the work you guys and gals do is heart warming. The lil bird dude will be ok. Morning doves wake many of us in the morning with their beautiful coos. Lady G is quite the lady also. On a side note Marley is doing great. He has made himself a friend with everyone he meets. I will take some video and send it to you. With much appreciation and love Marley, Spike & Kim. XOXO

  2. Thanks Kim! The people of PAWS are really amazing and I am very lucky to be part of such an awesome group. I was just thinking about Marley the other day. Lady G reminds me of what he was like when he first came to me. Super nervous & shy, but a total love bug. She is starting to come around, like Marley did, and is getting braver every day! Please give him (and Spike!) my love!

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