Simply Irresistible : A Willis Update!

Sweet little Willis was lucky enough to find his forever home last week with an incredible family. It was pretty much love at first sight when he met with his new mom and sister. Of course they thought that Willis was adorable, who wouldn’t?! But it was much more than just that. Willis really clicked with them and it truly was the perfect fit. They left with the little guy that day and have been enjoying his quirky, lovable ways. Willis has settled into his new home and he continues to receive lots of well deserved attention from his family. His sis, who is amazingly sweet and gentle with him, has been taking great care of the little dude. From helping bathe and groom him, to sharing her bed at night, they have already formed a great bond! Check out the latest updates and pics from his awesome mom…

“Hi Deb,

Willis is AMAZING!  You are so right.  He’s an incredible little guy.  I have never met such a gentle and mellow dog before.  He has adapted so well and seems to have all the signs of being a very happy boy.  He has captivated our hearts and will be very loved.

Willis had his vet appt with our vet and handled it like a champ!  Today, we went crabbing off a family member’s dock in New Jersey and Willis was fascinated by the crabs (from a safe distance of course) and really had something to say to the ducks.  There’s something definitely terrier in him as he went nuts over our guinea pigs, too.

He continues to amaze us with his gentle and loving disposition.  I’m sure you can tell that he’s bringing us great joy and lots of laughs. Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to be matched with the best dog in the whole wide world!

~Nancy and Kaiya”

Relaxing in his new home…
I must admit, Willis really was one of my very favorite foster dogs. He is such a gentle, easy going lil man, it’s very hard not to fall in love with him! I am very much looking forward to future updates and wish him and his family all the best, with lots of happy years together!

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