Best Buds – A Froggy Update!

A couple days ago I get an received an email about Buddy (formerly known as Froggy) from his dad, Steve. It had been a long, stressful, and very tiring day so as opened up my mail my heart did a lil jump when I saw the message hanging out in my inbox. I have to say, after reading and watching the video (over and over), it completely turned my evening around and put a giant smile on my face. I also giggled quite a bit as well watching Buddy zip around with his new pal, Harry. That in itself is a fantastic sight to see…this lil man has made such an amazing recovery! A few months ago when he arrived at the shelter he was incredibly underweight, sick, and his prognosis was unknown. But Buddy was a fighter and didn’t give up! With the support of PAWS and all those around him, he made a miraculous recovery. He continues improving in his new home thanks to the dedication, attention, and love that his awesome parents provide him with each and every day! It is so wonderful to see him in the video and hear how he’s doing…look at him go!

Steve’s awesome update…

“Hi Deb, buddy is doing fantastic. He is developing a great personality and is just a pleasure to have with us. He has gained over a pound since being here. I sent a video of him and Harry playing around. He is a very smart little dog who lets us know when he has to go out to do his business. I would love for you to see him sometime maybe a meet at PAWS?

Take care, Steve and Buddy”

So next up is a little reunion. I know that the PAWS staff and volunteers would love to see him again. Am I excited? I can’t wait!!

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