Willis (Adopted 6/16/12)

**6/16/12- Sweet lil Willis has found his new forever home, and what an awesome place it is! He got to hang out and meet his new mom and human sister yesterday, and it didn’t take long for everyone to fall in love. Willis charmed them with his adorable ways, was quick to show them how fantastic he is at the fetching game, and basically let his laid back personality do the talking. His new family already adores him and Willis will be showered with lots of love and attention all the days of his life!**

Age – 1-2 years old

Weight – 13 lbs

Ended up at shelter because – Was found as a stray

Energy level – Low

Temperament – Shy, playful, independent

Needs – Regular grooming of long coat, owner who can understand his timid behavior and take things slow

Home with children – At least 16 years old

Say hello to the adorable, one of a kind, Shih Tzu  mix…Willis! This guy definitely gets noticed by his small (but solid!) stature paired up with his enormous sweet eyes! He is certainly a head turner! He has come a long when since first coming into the shelter. very matted and dirty. He has cleaned up nicely and is one cute lil man! When Willis isn’t charming new people with his unique look, he likes to stay busy doing all sorts of fun things! His favorite activities are playing fetch and sunbathing in the yard. Willis is head over heels for his Wubba toy and will happily sit and occupy himself with it for hours. He gets along very well with small, social dogs and enjoys playing tag with his foster siblings. He can be a shy man at times, especially with strangers, but will usually warm up soon after a proper introduction. Willis is very well behaved and is pretty much a prefect little gentleman in the home. He enjoys following his people around the house, checking out every little thing they are doing. He is an independent lil guy who is perfectly content to sit at your feet or entertain himself with a toy and not pursue too much attention, but if your handing out the love…he will gladly accept (especially belly rubs!). He’s a comedian who is always doing something silly, whether it’s rolling around on the floor like a dancing bean or simply staring at you with his goofy expression…he gets many laughs a day! Because of his timid nature, it is recommended that he go to a home with children at least 16 years old. Willis is an all around awesome dog who would benefit from a family who can help him adjust in his new home, allow him freedom to be himself, and give him the love he deserves!

He likes…

  • Playing fetch
  • Belly rubs
  • Sitting quietly on the floor watching tv
  • Sunbathing
  • Playing with small, friendly dogs

He’s not too happy with…

  • People approaching him in a fast manner (he likes to take things slow!)
  • Dogs who are bossy/push him around
  • Young, hyper children 




2 thoughts on “Willis (Adopted 6/16/12)

  1. Willis has taken to his new home as if he was born here. He is an amazingly sweet and gentle little guy. He’s playful and very curious and has responded so adorably to all the love and attention. We are so lucky to have him and he is a such a welcome addition to our family.

  2. aww he is just so cute. we adopted sophia from Deb who was fostering her and willis and Sophia could possibly be related!!! they look exactly alike with the teeth and size etc. so so cute. we just love our little girl to pieces. its ashame that anyone could mistreat these poor little lovers. Best of luck with Willis as Im sure he will bring you tons of joy, happiness and love. and Deb is just the sweetest thing ever and god bless her for doing what she does!!!!

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