Sasha (Adopted 7/20/12)

**Updated 7/20/12 – Miss Sasha has found herself an awesome forever home! She is living the good life in the burbs with an amazing family who loves her very much. She gets to go on daily walks and hang out in her backyard soaking up the sun! Sasha has a new canine brother and feline sister to romp around and have a good time with. Her new parents are already spoiling her with lots of love and taking great care of her! She really couldn’t have found a more perfect family!**

Age – 1-2 years old

Weight – 9 lbs

Ended up at shelter because – Was found as a stray

Energy level – Low

Temperament – Timid but very affectionate

Needs – Basic obedience training, a couple brisk walks a day

Home with children – At least 10+ years old

Sasha is a shy, but very sweet Chihuahua who was found as a stray on the streets of Philadelphia. She’s an affectionate dog who loves lounging on a cozy lap and getting lots of attention from her people. She is very well behaved but would benefit from continuing basic obedience in her new place. She is currently living with a few other small dogs in her foster home and while she gets along well with them, she can be a bit picky when she ‘doesn’t want to be bothered!’. She will definitely let her dog siblings know that she wants to be left alone, and then move on to other more important things in the house like chasing a squeaky toy or taking a nap in the sun. When she is in a playful mood she will run around with them and play a frisky game of tug-o-war or tag. Sasha is very affectionate around folks at all times. She gets so excited to see her people when they arrive back home from work that she will wag her whole body in excitement! Her all time favorite things to do is to go on her daily walks around the neighborhood, checking out everything that’s happening…she is very curious dog! She get incredibly excited when she knows she is about to head out the door! She walks excellently on her leash and is very well behaved when meeting new people and other dogs on her strolls. This little gal also loves to travel, does incredibly well on car rides, and would really love to accompany you wherever your travels may whisk you away to! Sasha would do awesome with a laid back family that can provide her with the attention she needs and help her to become the brave girl she was born to be!

She likes…

  • Chilling out and relaxing
  • Receiving lots of attention
  • Going on daily walks
  • Sunbathing
  • Playing ‘tag’ with humans & dogs

She’s not too happy with…

  • Dogs who annoy her
  • Being left alone too long
  • Young children       




Interested in adopting Sasha? Please view our FAQ for info about the adoption process.

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