Rudolph (Adopted 6/11/12)

**6/11/12- Oh Happy Monday… Rudolph has been adopted! This spunky guy was in need of stable home where he could feel safe and ‘click’ with his people. Rudy and I met with his potential adopters last weekend and I knew in my gut that it was a perfect match! He is now settling in with his amazing new parents who are showing him lots of love and attention and are dedicated to helping him adjust in his new place.  Not only did Rudy gain amazing parents, he now has super cool canine brother to bounce around with as well! I am thrilled that he is in such great hands and wish him and his family lots of happy years together!**

Age – 1-2 years old

Ended up at shelter because – Owners could no longer care for him

Energy level – Low-Medium

Temperament – Well behaved when in comfortable pack dynamic

Needs – Regular grooming, home with another social dog, owner who can be a confident ‘pack leader’

Home with children – 13+

Rudolph is an adorable terrier mix who would love to find his perfect forever home. Weighing in at around 12lbs and sporting a gorgeous curly golden colored coat, he is one handsome man! But this guy has more than just good looks in his favor, he’s a smart lil dog too! Rudy has already mastered sit, stay, and drop it. He is also getting the hang other fun tricks like down and paw. He is very food motivated and enjoys learning new commands. Toys are something he is a very big fan of as well and he will happily occupy himself with a a squeaky, kong, or ball. Rudy LOVES playing fetch!! He gets very excited when we play it with him and has a blast chasing after the toy and bringing it back…just so the game can start again! He likes going on walks and meeting new people and is a very a social butterfly who flirts with everyone who stops to say Hello to him! Rudy is an alert, curious boy who loves exploring around the house and yard. He is definitely is a spicy young guy with a good amount of playful puppy like energy, but Rudy is also content to lounge on the couch when he is all worn out from bouncing around. Due to his size and frisky demeanor, he would do best with children over 13. While Rudy is mannerly and obedient, he will need to continue with training in his new home to help him become a well rounded, adaptable dog. Rudy gets along great with other social dogs and should go to a home with a confident canine or two who can help him learn the ropes of becoming a well adjusted gentleman. This guy wants nothing more than to be your best friend and soak up lots of attention, but he is never pushy or demanding. He will return the favor by giving you plenty of doggy affection with tail wags and tiny kisses. Rudy would do excellent with confident family willing to continue to training and give him the love he deserves.

He likes…

  • Playing fetch
  • Chasing squirrels
  • Learning new tricks
  • Snuggling on your lap

He’s not too happy with…

  • Strangers who enter the home without proper introductions
  • Walking on a leash (but he loves going out and is learning better leash manners)


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