Sweet Senior Ebony Found Her Forever Home!

Yes, it’s true…Miss Ebony has been adopted! Woohoo! This adorable senior gal was on a medical roller coaster of ups and downs over the past few months, but she always had a happy go lucky attitude and never let her condition get her down. PAWS was able to get her on some new meds a few weeks ago, thanks to the help of the wonderful folks at VSEC. Since starting her new regime, her health took a wonderful turn in the right direction. Ebony’s seizures became less frequent allowing her to really get out and enjoy life. Along the road to recovery, a woman contacted me looking for some information about her. I was very open and honest with her about Ebony’s past and present medical history, which to some could be a little unnerving. She, however, was incredibly interested in adopting Ebony and giving her a stable & loving forever home, regardless of what baggage she came with. She had dealt with a simliar situation with one of her dogs and had the experience & know-how to take great care of her. It didn’t take long for me to know that she was the perfect person for Miss Ebi.

It’s been over a week since Ebony went to her new place and she has settled in quite smashingly. She has two Boston Terrier sisters and a few cats as her new siblings and is getting along with them like old pals. She gets to go to work with her amazing mom, Mary Beth, and has been spending lots of time out of the house meeting new friends and family around the neighborhood. Everyone falls in love with Ebony as soon as they meet her, it’s very hard not to! Ebony got to hang out with her new Grandpa during his birthday party last weekend. He, of course, thought she was lovely…seniors adore seniors! When she’s not out and about she has been chillin out at home snuggling with her mom and getting tons of love and attention. Ebony really has found the perfect forever home with someone who was able to see what an incredible Chihuahua she truly is! I am so very happy that they found each other and am excited that they will get to share many many happy years together! Woooohooo!!

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