Andy (Adopted 5/2/12)

**5/2/12- Andy has found her forever home! She was adopted by a wonderful family and is receiving a ton of attention from her new parents and siblings! They are already teaching her commands, which she is picking up on like a pro! Andy will be living the good life in a quiet suburban town surrounded by folks of all ages who absolutely adore her!**

Age – 1-2 years old

Ended up at shelter because – Owner no longer had time to care for her

Energy level – Medium

Temperament – Very friendly & affectionate, excited & energectic

Needs – Regular grooming, daily walks, obedience training

When I first met Andy at the shelter she was quiet and reserved. I hung out for a bit in the dog yard with her while she slowly trotted around, checking everything out. She was very calm, relaxed, and wanted to just sit peacefully in the sun. I scooped her up and brought her home where her true (and quite amazing) personality emerged. Please check out her full bio, video, and additional pics below!

Have you been searching for a dog that has a lot of puppy like energy, yet still enjoys kickin back and lounging on your lap? Would you like to get out and see the world with a loyal companion by your side? Do you like the idea of having a sidekick that is pretty much awesome with everything and everyone? Then Andy could very well be the dog you have been waiting for! This gorgeous 1-2 year old wire hair Dachshund is the perfect ‘tweenie’ size, weighing in at around 12lbs. She adores everyone she meets and will soak up any attention that is given to her. People pretty much fall in love with Andy and her awesomeness the moment they meet her! She has a good amount of energy and enjoys bouncing around the yard, acting like a silly goose. She gets along very well with dogs of all sizes and enjoys playfully wrestling with them. Andy is super affectionate, loves belly rubs, and adores following her people around the house to be close to them at all times. She is working on basic obedience and house training and is doing incredibly well with both. She knows how to sit & stay is is getting the hang of down. Andy is very eager to please, so training time is always fun for everyone! While she is an energetic dog, she also knows how to relax and take it all in…usually from the comfort of a cozy lap! If you like to cuddle, she will gladly be your snuggle bunny! Andy is one seriously awesome dog who deserves a forever family that can provide her with all the love and attention she deserves!

She likes…

  • Belly rubs
  • Chasing squirrels
  • Playing tag with other dogs
  • Snuggling on your lap
  • People of all ages

She’s not too happy with

  • Being left alone
  • Loud noises
  • Dogs who play too rough

Be sure to follow Andy’s page for recent posts, news, and video!

2 thoughts on “Andy (Adopted 5/2/12)

  1. she is adorable!!! It was mentioned in her dislikes that she does not like being alone. I work from 8 to 4 pm and I am afraid that Andy would be a very unhappy girl….
    Perhaps an older dog would work for our family. I like the breed. I am going to complete an application, pleaselet me know if another daschund needs a home and we are compatible. I live across from a park so long walks would be plentiful..

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