Leap Frog! The Journey Continues…

It’s been over a week since little Froggy came into foster. If you have been following his story, then you know that the poor guy wasn’t in the best shape when he came into the shelter. He was sick, weak, and basically a sad lil dude. But we all knew that with some time, food, and love he would pull through and get better. I’m happy to say that he has made an incredible recovery in his foster home and has become a spicy lil ball of happiness!! He has gained an excellent amount of weight (he has a lil Buddha belly), is constantly wagging his tail, gives out tons of lil Chi kisses, enjoys running all around and acting like a big goof, adores romping around with the other dogs, and pretty much loves life!! But don’t take my word for it, check out his updated video and pics below!

None of this would have been possible without the amazing people from PAWS! From the Dog Rescue Coordinator who first spotted him and took him under his wing…giving him a chance at life, the vets, techs, & students who provided him with excellent care – ensuring he was healthy enough to come into foster, the staff members who looked after him during the day and brought him home at night to monitor his health, the many volunteers who checked in on him and gave him lots of love, and all of the  awesome folks who donated food, followed his story, and stood by ‘The Frog Man’! Thank you so much for your support, Froggy really appreciates it!

Curious Lil Man


Hungry Boy!

Big Foster Brother Watching Over Froggy Man

Gobbling Up Dinner

Leap Frog!

Is That Food?


Thanks For All The Love & Support!!

Froggy has already been adopted and will be going to his forever home very soon, he can’t wait to be with his awesome new family!

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