Bitsy (Adopted 5/20/12)

**Updated 5/20/12 – Beautiful Bitsy has found her forever home! She met her perfect match over the weekend and it wasn’t long before her and her new dad fell for each other. This shy girl needed a quiet, relaxed home with someone who was able to understand her quirks. She definitely found the right person! Bitsy is living the good life in the suburbs, taking lots of hikes with her dad, and forming a great friendship with her new pal, Pepper. She is happy, relaxed, and settling in very nicely. When she’s not hiking the awesome trails of PA, Bitsy is hanging out and home getting to know her dad better and receiving lots of love & belly rubs! She really is living the good life!! You can read more about Bitsy’s adoption and follow updates by visiting her page**

Age – 3-5 years old

Ended up at shelter because – Was found as a stray

Energy level – Low/Medium

Temperament – Timid, apprehensive of strangers but love-bug once she warms up

Needs – Experienced small dog owner who is patient and understanding of her personality, quiet & relaxed adult home

When I first met Bitsy at the shelter she was pretty nervous. She was friendly, but cautiously so. Once I got her out of her kennel, she seemed to relax quite a bit. I could tell that Bitsy was scared being in a strange place and had a good feeling she would come out of her shell once I got her home. She proved me right, and then some! Once she was in foster and feeling safe, Bitsy opened up and showed me what a sweet little love bug she is! She can still get nervous around certain people, but if you are patient and let her approach you, she will pretty much leap into your arms for love! Please check out her full bio, video, and additional pics below!

Bitsy is an adorable little Chihuahua looking for her perfect match! Weighing in at about 8lbs, she is estimated to be about 3-5 years old and has plenty of vibrant energy! While she is full of spunky personality, she can be a shy girl when first meeting new people and will usually be apprehensive during introductions. She needs a family who has prior small dog experience to help her adjust in her new home. With patience, she will get to know you and her sweet disposition will come shining through – see video below! Once she warms up she’ll be a loyal best friend for life! Bitsy walks very well on a leash and loves to go on daily strolls around the neighborhood. She gets along well with dogs her size and enjoys playing tag with her foster siblings & jogging around the yard with them. She also likes to ‘sunbathe’ on warm days and will just hang out by your side enjoying the weather. After she has tired herself out from bouncing around, she will seek out a nice cozy lap to cuddle on and soak up some much deserved attention. She loves giving tiny lil kisses and will stare at you with her big eyes, she really is a sweetheart!! Even though she is a shy girl, she greets those she knows well with a silly happy dance and lots of tail wagging! She is always seeking her people in her foster home out and pretty much wants to be where they are at all times. Bitsy is learning some basic commands such as sit & stay and should continue training in her new home to help her become a well rounded dog. She is very food motivated and enjoys doing ‘tricks’, so she makes an excellent student! Because of her timid nature, she must be placed in a home with adults only, no children under the age of 18. Bitsy is a great little dog who deserves an awesome forever home with a family who can help her feel safe and loved!

She likes…

  • Snuggling on your lap
  • Playing tag with other small dogs
  • Lot of love and attention
  • Belly rubs
  • Learning to sit & stay and the treats that come along with it
  • Dancing around the house
  • Snoring loudly

She’s not too happy with…

  • Large dogs
  • Young children
  • Strangers who approach her suddenly

Be sure to follow Bitsy’s page for recent posts, news, and video!

6 thoughts on “Bitsy (Adopted 5/20/12)

    • Thanks!! She is a cutie, for sure. She adores snuggling and will stare at me with her big eyes when I give her attention & belly rubs…such lil love-bug! 🙂

  1. I was wondering…how is she with cats? we have a cat thats about 15 yet still plays like a kitten. she was the run of her family so shes kinda small just like bitsy…is she up for adoption?

    • Bitsy is a spicy gal who is definitely interested in playing with cats. Things should be fine, as long as any resident cat(s) are ok with a boisterous new playmate 🙂

    • I’m so happy for you, Bitsy, and Pepper! She is such an awesome lil girl and I know she’s enjoying her new life! Wishing you all lots of fun and love for many many years to come!

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