Hippity Hop – A Frog’s Journey

**Updated 4/15/2012 – Froggy has been adopted! He now goes by the name of Buddy and is settling in quite nicely. His new parents are truly wonderful people and I know that he is in great hands with them. Not only did he get lucky with an awesome new mom and dad, Buddy also has an extended family of loving people and dogs to play with! It has been an amazing journey to be a part of and I am thrilled that he is in a terrific home with folks who are already smothering him with love and attention! You can learn more about Froggy’s adoption and follow updates by visiting his page!****

A couple of weeks ago PAWS pulled a tiny lil Chihuahua from animal control. The small guy was very weak, emaciated, and shut down. He was brought to the PAWS shelter and immediately stole the hearts of the volunteers and staff. This poor dog was too sick to go into foster without proper medical care, so remained at the clinic. He was monitored throughout the day while he snuggled in warm laps soaking up tons of attention, and went home every night with an awesome staff member. He even became somewhat of an internet star during that time when he was posted on the PAWS Facebook page…fans fell in love and were kind enough to help out by bringing requested donations of boiled chicken and rice to the shelter for him. I was asked if I would be willing to take him in, once he was stable enough. Of course my answer was…yes!!

This past weekend he was given the green light to come into foster. He has been with me a few days now, and his progress has been remarkable! He has truly been improving with each passing day, he is an amazing lil man!

By now I’m sure you are asking “Who is this lil dude? And what’s his name?”. Wonderful people of the internet, meet Froggy…

As you can see, the lil man is pretty darn emaciated…

When Froggy came to me over the weekend, all he really wanted to do was sleep. He was very tired and didn’t have a huge appetite. I began feeding him the chicken and rice (thanks again for the donations!) and then slowly started mixing in wet and dry dog food. I split his meals up into 4-5 feedings a day, and he has begun to pick up his the pace while eating.

He sill loves to sleep, but will now seek out a warm dog bed or a patch of sun to curl up and take a snooze, instead of sitting listlessly in the middle of the floor like he was doing a few days ago. He is also coming out of his shell and evolving into very affectionate lil man.

Froggy Dude is a champ, and he is getting so much better each and every day. It is really amazing to watch him progress into a healthier, happier dog. He already has an adopter and is set to go to his new home in a few weeks!

4/10/12 UPDATE – Froggy is doing incredibly better! He has gained over a pound and is a bouncy happy ball of joy! Check out his page for all recent pics, stories, and video!

2 thoughts on “Hippity Hop – A Frog’s Journey

  1. Oh. My. Goodness. I failed at fostering, and now have Mr. Pootie Smith, aka ‘Little Man’ – he and Froggy look SO similar, it’s eerie, and even more ironically, we also call him ‘Hip Hop’, because that is just how he moves! When he is happiest (nearly constantly!), he will jump straight up into the air from a stand-still, all four paws off the ground, with all of his approximately 4.8 pounds (from 1.8 when I got him)! I thank you ALL – EVERYONE who had anything to do with saving this precious, perfect ‘lil man’, and wish his future ‘parents’ all the joy I know he will bring them! PAWS rocks!

    • Awww, Mr. Pootie Smith sounds like an adorable lil dude!! I can just picture his happy lil hop! I bet he adores you and is so thankful you took him under his wing! He sounds like he is loving life with you!

      It truly seems like Froggy Man is getting better with each passing minute. He is fattening up and becoming such a spunky playful lil dude! It makes me so happy to see him enjoying himself now! He wouldn’t have made it this far if it weren’t for the amazing staff, volunteers, and PAWS supporters! He is very very appreciative and sends lil Chi kisses to all!

      Thank you for supporting PAWS and being awesome!!

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