Sweet Sophie – Adopted!

Lil miss Sophie is one lucky gal who has been adopted by a super awesome couple! They, of course, are already madly in love with her! Not only did she score the perfect parents, but she got a sweet bonus…two incredible dog siblings to romp around and be silly with! Which is totally awesome because this girl LOVES to play! I know she will have hours of fun chasing and tug-of-war’ing with her new siblings! She is already adjusting to her new home like a pro and receiving tons of love and attention! Stay tuned for updates!

3 thoughts on “Sweet Sophie – Adopted!

  1. we are the lucky couple that adopted sophie. oh my god she is the cutest little lover ever. so affectionate and loves her new home and new family. she already fits right in with her brother and sister. she loves to play all day long with them. we will send pictures soon. thank you Deb for bringing her to us. you are a remarkable person for fostering these little babies… xoxo

    • I am so happy that Sophie found her way to you both and thrilled to hear how well she is doing! I knew she would be in excellent hands with you guys and it’s so awesome that she has a brother and sister who adore her! Thank you so much for taking great care of her, I know she will be living an amazing life and loved by all those around her!

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