Breakfast Love: A Jasper Update!

Getting updates about former foster dogs is like eating delicious, fluffy pancakes…makes me giddy as a little kid! Without all the messy syrup and powdered sugar, of course. Back in April of 2011, adorable Jasper, was adopted by an awesome couple. I received an email from George the other day that put a smile on my face. It seems both Jasper and his parents have had an incredible year…

Hi Deb!

Jasper is doing really well.  He helped me propose to Michael a few months ago.  I took Jasper for a walk the evening of Michael’s birthday, and on the way back, I tied a ring pouch around his neck with a white ribbon.  When Jasper got home, he ran to go find Michael (as he usually does…he likes to know of everyone’s whereabouts in the house), and helped me surprise Michael with a ring.

We also moved into a new house, so that Jasper could have a little yard to run in.  He loves running out onto the porch and sniffing for the nefarious squirrels in the neighborhood.  He also loves to sun himself when the weather is nice outside (especially when we sit outside with him)!

For Christmas, we drove home to the South and along the way we stopped at several locations (DC, NC, SC, and GA) where we stayed with several friends and family who had dogs. Jasper loved playing with them and even helped to teach my mom’s new Maltese puppy to potty outside.

He definitely has brought a lot of joy and laughs into our lives. It is so nice to have a dog to cuddle with when its cold!


Check out Jasper helping with the proposal, and chillin in his new home!

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