Cone of Shame…

Marley Man is home from his neuter surgery and is officially ready for adoption. While most fosters I’ve had haven’t been big fans of having to wear the ‘Cone of Shame’ (stolen from the movie UP) when they come back from spay/neuter surgery, Marley is just downright miserable with it on. For those who aren’t familiar with these E-collars, you can read all about them here. The are basically a protective device to prevent the animal from licking/scratching/geting to his wound so that it can heal properly. Wounds are itchy, as some of you know, and sometimes all ya wanna do is scratch! But that would be bad… So on goes the collar. He isn’t a big fan of things touching his neck to begin with, so once this is on, he sits there looking even more sad and pathetic than what you can see in the pic below. It’s like he is frozen and is afraid to move for fear that if he touches any part of the plastic, the cone will swallow him up into a big black hole. How silly is that? He sat like this last night, at bedtime, for quite a while. I’m pretty sure he fell asleep sitting up…but when I checked on him a lil later, he was sound asleep curled into a comfy ball snoring away. I told him I won’t let the cone swallow him up into oblivion, that he just has to wear it a lil bit longer, and that maybe…just maybe, by the time the cone comes off, a new family will be waiting in the wings to scoop him up and bring him to his forever home! That got him pretty excited, with lil chichi dances and tiny kisses. Oh how this adorable man tugs at my heart!

You can find out more about Marley, his silly antics, and updates by checking out his page.

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