Ebony (Adopted 5/20/12)

**Updated 5/20/12 – Miss Ebony has been adopted! Woohoo! She is now living with 2 Bosting terrier siblings and a few cats to bounce around with Her new mom is amazing and taking great care of her. Ebony has been enjoying life around her new neighborhood and loves getting out and meeting new people. It truly is one of the happiest endings I have been a part of! You can read more about Ebony’s adoption and follow updates by visiting her page**

Age – 8+ years old

Ended up at shelter because – Owners moved and could not take her with them

Energy level – Low

Temperament – Sweet, shy, frisky

Needs – Someone to monitor her health & administer daily medication

Miss Ebony is a lovely senior chihuahua, who packs lots of personality into a pint-sized package. While this unique lady may have a few years under her belt, she still has plenty of spunk in her paws! She enjoys the company of other dogs and will happily join in with their play sessions. Ebony suffered from seizures when she came to us, and they are better controlled now with meds, but her adopter will need to continue to give her daily medication and monitor her health. She may be small in stature, but this sweet girl has a huge heart! She loves getting & giving attention, lap lounging, dancing around the house, sing alongs, and giving tiny lil chihuahua kisses. She is very happy to accompany her people everywhere they go, and she makes an excellent travel companion. You will be tempted to take Ebony you wherever you roam! While she may be a bit shy when meeting new people, she warms up quickly, and will soon be wagging her tail & rump and wiggling her way onto a warm lap! She is a pretty laid back girl and would fit in great with someone who understands her mature take on life. Ebony would really like a stable, loving, and dedicated forever home with a family that will help her lead a safe, happy, long & healthy life!

She likes…

  • Dancing around the house
  • Travelling around tucked into a backpack
  • Singing at the top of her lungs
  • Walks around the neighborhood
  • Snuggling under blankets
  • Sunday sleep-ins

She’s not too happy with…

  • Being left alone
  • Men she doesn’t know
  • Going potty when it’s cold outside
  • Dogs who try to steal her dinner
  • Hyper children

Interested in adopting? Please view our FAQ for info about the adoption process.

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