Godzilla (2/11/2012)

**UPDATED 2/11/2012 – Oooooh boy, Godzilla hit the jackpot! He was adopted by a wonderful couple and their two awesome young boys. It was truly an amazing match, and pretty much love at first sight for all! He is now living the good life in his forever home!**

Are you searching for some crazy-awesome-gigantic Godzilla sized love? Then you are in the right place! While this adorable puppy may be pint sized, weighing in at just under 8lbs, he is huge on giving out lots of sweet snuggles and tons of kisses! He has a zest for life with plenty of vibrant spunk under his paws and he’ll show you how he does things by zipping around the house & yard just having a good time! His super speed has earned him the nick name ‘Dash’! He is a happy little dog who enjoys being the life of the party! This guy gets along great with other dogs, and would prefer to have a buddy or two in his forever home to romp around and be daring with. Dash is still young, so he has a lot to learn about the world, but he is a smart dude and has been picking up on training pretty quickly. He walks well on his leash and enjoys going for daily strolls and exploring the neighborhood. He likes playing with his squeaky toys, rambunctiously wrestling with the other dogs, and is now learning how to fetch! This lil pup is pretty interested in everything that’s going on…he’ll follow you around the house investigating what you are up to, while looking oh so ridiculously adorable the entire time. After he has worn himself out from bouncing around, he loves crawling into a nice lap for some down time and plenty of affection. He will then gaze at you with his incredibly gorgeous eyes and give you tiny lil Chihuahua kisses all over…what a sweetheart this boy is! Dash is an awesome little dog who would make a great addition to a family who can provide him with the abundance of energy, love, and attention that he deserves!

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2 thoughts on “Godzilla (2/11/2012)

  1. Hello, I was just looking through your website and I saw “Godzilla” now named Douglas. We adopted him from over Paws 2 years ago! We love him so much and he is perfect for our family. He is doing great. Thankyou fur all you do!

    • Awwww, I loved having Godzilla/Douglas as a foster and am happy to hear how great he’s doing! Thank you for loving and taking great care of the lil guy. Please give him a kiss from me!

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