Sir Didymus (Adopted 8/20/11)

**UPDATED 8/20/2011 – Sir Diddy (now Max) has been adopted by a super fantastic family! He has gone to a great home with two totally awesome kids who will be playing fetch and tug of war with him till he is worn out! His new parents are so happy to have found such a wonderful lil man and will be taking excellent care of him while giving him tons of love at the same time!**

Oh hey there! I am so glad you stopped by to check me out! I am Sir Didymus, a perfect name shared by the famous fox-terrier in the movie ‘Labyrinth’! Just like him, I am a brave little man who is incredibly loyal! My foster mom tells me I am gorgeous and says I have incredibly stunning eyes…whatever that means! I just know I haven’t seen many other dogs around that look like me. Oooh, and talk about dogs…I love them! There are a few small ones in my foster home who I think are super fun to play with, and I even like big ones too! I also really like to run around in the yard and chase after my toys! I think it awesome when my foster mom takes out the treats and starts saying things like “sit” & “stay”. I drop my rump on the floor and she gets happy and tells me I’m doing really great and catching on! Then I usually get some belly rubs, which I LOVE!! I have to admit, I am a pretty curious guy. There are so many interesting things around the house that I like to investigate that make strange noises or have fantastic smells. My foster mom usually laughs at me and then tells me what those weird things are. The fridge, water cooler, and vacuum are my favorite, so far! Then there is the TV, which I think is fascinating…so many lights and sound come from that thing! I like to watch and listen to it any chance I get! I’m pretty laid back and don’t get very worked up about things. Sometimes if I hear a knock at the door I’ll bark a little bit to warn the person on the other side that I’m here, but I only do that for a little bit. Once they come inside I’ll bounce around them and sniff for a while. I think it’s great when they give me pats on the head and say “good boy”, it makes me feel special. I really like when my foster mom has visitors! I have my own space with a nice fluffy bed which I like to curl up in and nap, but sometimes I’ll ask to come up on the couch. If my foster mom says “not now”, that’s ok…I usually just curl up at her feet. When she does invite me up, it’s soooo awesome because I get lay on her lap and get lots of attention! I think it’s pretty neat here in my foster home, but I keep hearing about this place called a “forever home” and I’d really like to see what that is. My foster mom says there will be a family waiting for me there that will love me and take really good care of me! She says they will take me for a couple walks a day, let me meet lots of people & dogs, play fetch with me, give me haircuts when I need them, and help me learn more about sit n stay and some other fun tricks! I can’t wait to meet these awesome people! I’m so excited and sure hope I get to go there soon!

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