Nancy Drew (Adopted 11/27/11)

**UPDATED 11/27/2011 – Nancy Drew has been adopted into a fantastic forever home! She has two lil chi sisters to run around with and fantastic parents who are already spoiling her with much love and attention. She is a super happy gal and is very thankful that she is in such great hands!**

Meet Nancy Drew, an adorable little 2-4 year old chihuahua! This girl will melt your heart with her sweet & friendly disposition! She gets along very well with small dogs and enjoys the company of people, but can definitely be a shy girl at first. Once she warms up she enjoys playing tag, exploring the yard, and wiggling her way into a warm cozy lap. Nancy Drew is working on basic obedience. She knows ‘sit’ & ‘down’ and is starting to get the hang of ‘stay’. She is catching on to housebreaking and should continue to do well as long as she is kept on a consistent schedule. Since she gets very anxious by herself, it is a must that Nancy Drew be placed in a home with another small, well socialized, and very playful small dog(s). She was adopted out twice over the last few months, but returned both times. In her first adoption it was because her new dog brother wasn’t very fond of her and little Nancy would become very upset when her owner would leave. The second time, she was returned for being ‘too playful’. The cats were afraid of her and the dogs didn’t want to play. Nancy Drew loves snuggling with her current furry siblings and would do great in a home with a dog that she could cozy up with when it’s time for napping & bounce around with when it’s time for playing…which she LOVES to do! Whether it’s chasing after them when they chase after the ball, or having a very vocal wrestling match…she will romp around with other dogs for hours on end!

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Nancy Drew is also a very big fan of TOYS!! Plush squeakies, braided ropes, and tennis balls are her favorite! She will occupy herself chasing, chewing, and squeaking on them but really loves when her foster mom plays along too! While Nancy Drew is pretty sensitive, she is still brave girl who loves investigating around the house & outside in the yard. She likes to check out different spots each time she goes out, and will lounge in the sun when she is done her exploring. Lil Nancy Pants is an excellent co-pilot in the car and one of the BEST travel dogs out there. She has gone on numerous long trips is so well behaved in the car that you will want to take her everywhere with you! She is very affectionate dog and loves giving tiny little Chihuahua smooches and enjoys getting attention, especially ear massages! Since this cute tiny girl can be a bit timid, we would recommend that she be placed in a home with children 10+ who will keep her playtime gentle and relaxed. Nancy Drew would fit in great with a family who is patient and considerate of her bashfulness and willing to help her learn and thrive as the fantastic little dog that she is! She has bounced around the shelter and adoptive homes and is really looking for someone who can embrace her ‘quirks’ and provide her a loving & stable forever home!


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