Case, Mase, Tase

** All 3 kitties have gone into their forever homes with great new parents! They are getting lots of love an attention and I am so happy for everyone! **

These adorable kittens (about 6 weeks old) are looking for their forever home! Tase & Case are wild boys, while Mase is the mellow girl who keeps them in line! They are gorgeous lil things with beautiful orange coats and stunning green eyes (Tase has blue eyes!). All 3 came in together to the shelter as strays. The trio arrived in foster care quite scared, timid, and shy but are slowly learning that people are nothing to be afraid of…humans are just tall strange things with long limbs! They are all litter box trained trained. These kitties are very playful and love running around playing tag with each other and chasing after their toys! They don’t seem to like dogs very much (I don’t think I would either if I was so small!), but could possibly get used to them given some time. Once they are worn out from all their playing, they enjoy snuggling up on a warm lap and soaking up love. They are very curios and keep me laughing at their silly antics. All 3 kittens will be available for adoption after June 29th. Come meet them and be prepared to fall in love!

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