Sasha (Adopted 5/17/11)

**Update 5/17/2011- Sasha (now ‘Lucy’!) has been adopted by an awesome woman who pretty much fell in love the moment she saw her. They will make an amazing pair and will cherish and adore each other for many many years to come!**

Sasha is an awesome, friendly, energetic, spicy lil 1-2 year old chihuahua mix! She adores people and wants to be where they are at all times, soaking up as much attention as possible! While Sasha seems to get along with most dogs, she has a little bit of fear towards some and may bark a bit when meeting new friends. She has an almost unending amount on energy and would probably do best in a home with another small dog to play with or a family that can spend the time taking her for brisk daily walks. Her newest discovery is TOYS! She has finally learned that they are fun, fun, fun and enjoys running with, chasing, and squeaking all over the place with them. She is a big goofball and loves to run around in the yard playing ‘tag’ with her foster siblings, then sit and smile in the sun when she is worn out…which usually takes a long time! Sasha is learning some basic commands and it would be great for her new family to continue teaching her these things in her forever home!

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