Jasper (Adopted 4/13/11)

**Updated 4/13/11 Jasper has been adopted by a wonderful couple who will cherish (and spoil) the lil guy all the days of his life! You can learn more about Jasper by visiting his page**

Jasper is a sweet little west highland terrier mix, a true love bug who is curious about everything…the printer, vacuum, water cooler! He gets along great with the other small dogs in his foster home and loves chasing & playing ‘tag’ with them. He is also very friendly & affectionate towards people, though may be shy and nervous with some at first. He absolutely loves being outside in the warm weather, bounding after a toy or just lounging in the sun. It appears as though he is both potty and crate trained, as there have been no accidents inside and he will enter his crate on his own to nap and sleep at night. Jasper is a spunky dog, with a good amount of energy. He enjoys daily walks, but will be content to snuggle by your feet when he is worn out. He also looooves belly rubs!!! We are working on some basic training with him and he seems to be getting the hang of ‘sit’ and ‘down’. Jasper is an all around fantastic dog and would love to find his forever home today!

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